Our Success Stories........


"James", nearing a milestone of reaching 90 days of substance abuse free living, is now receiving services which introduce him to a different life style; one that is centered around his parental duties for his 8 year old daughter and interacting with her Mother.  

"John" is a Father who was once a proud Marine, but after his incarceration, his life became unmanageable. His is receiving services to help him communicate and reconnect with his children and to build a future of positive memories.

"Craig" is a Father who resides in a transitional housing program of a partner organization.  After overcoming his substance abuse, he has struggled to obtain employment.  Through our Workforce Development and Employment Bridge Partnership services, Craig is being reintroduced to the skills necessary to seek and maintain adequate employment.  He has already been identified as a candidate for some of the opportunities currently available with our employment partners and has been assisted with his outstanding child support payments.

"Mark" is a Father whose divorce will soon be finalized.  He has utilized the services provided by our pro-bono legal partners to make this difficult time in his life manageable.  He has gained valuable relationships which have assisted him to create a healthy and positive life-style for his children during his custody time.  

House of David, Advocates for Fathers, Inc.