House of David, Advocates for Fathers, Inc.

How can you help?

General Operating - In a time of reduced funding from municipal sources, your donations go directly towards the operating expenses associated with providing services.  Expenses such as rent for office space, access to technology resources, wages, and insurance expenses are on-going expenses incurred while providing services to our Fathers.  Through our internship program with local workforce development programs, Fathers desiring to improve the quality of life for their children are provided professional mentoring and real world professional experience through a paid internship, which is supported with your assistance.

Parenting Skills - Your donations purchase supplies and offset the cost of the expert consultative services such as family counselors, academic consultants, and our many other business partners.  The funding of this initiative directly enhances the parenting skills of our Fathers.

Support Network - Designate your donation towards extending the Children's Clothing Exchange, where Fathers can directly provide clothing for their children by participating in the "bring one, take one" network.

Program Enhancement - Most importantly, your donation can fund program fees of a Father participating in the program as a result of domestic or substance abuse court order or referral. 

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How can you become a guest at the House of David?

We are always looking for more guests!  A guest is a supporter of our Fathers.  Your generous support of $175 will cover the client contribution amount towards the cost of a Father becoming closer to his children.